Letter of Recommendation

Chad Ott started with Kielian Construction Inc. of Lincoln NE (which was founded in 1987) in 1999 while in his early 20's.  He quickly made it clear he was able to follow direction, get along with fellow employees and be a valuable asset to the company.

Kielian Construction Inc. at that time was involved in both residential and commercial concrete footings and flatwork, ranging from flatwork from simple new starter homes to complicated commercial footings and flatwork for some of the biggest and most respected general contractors in Lincoln, a few which are Brester Construction, Kingery Construction, Judds Bros Construction, Stuefer Bros Construction among others.

Chad quickly worked his way into a lead foreman position in charge of large commercial projects that required working closely with structural engineers and being able to understand detailed blue prints and to keep projects on schedule and on budget.  Some of these projects included Lincoln Airport Authority and Lincoln Public School projects along with other government entity jobs. 

"Chad has always had a professional and positive working relationship with customers and fellow employees, and was a key reason for customer and employee retention." 

Along with concrete work, Chad also helped manage commercial properties for Kielian Investment Properties LLC.  Which included all areas of construction (framing, roofing, drywall, tile etc) along with general maintenance and snow removal.

In 2009, Chad picked up a couple of jobs in his home town of Aurora, Ne., and Kielian Construction quickly had a presence in Aurora doing small jobs in town to doing many agriculture projects. I shifted my attention from the concrete company to investment company, which included buying and developing some commercial projects in town.

In March 2012, I semi-retired from the concrete business and sold some of the construction assets to Chad as he started Ott Concrete Construction, which is something he had always wanted to do.  We continue to work together on some projects and he manages my properties in Aurora. 

I wish Chad all the best in his new business, and make myself available for references.

Steve Kielian

Kielian Construction Inc. 
Kielian Investment Properties LLC.
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